Monday, March 7, 2011

9/52 Time for a little catch up

I've never been good at this blogging stuff.  I start off ok but then one thing piles up on top of the other and the blog always (for me) gets pushed back a little every day. 
I'm happy to report that Wally is doing really well.  We're getting more and more familiar with him and his little subtle ways... when he wants to go out,  a lot of times he sniffs and licks or bites my toes.  Not hard of course, but it's his way of telling me to put my shoes on and take him out.  When he licks my face, he's hungry.  Speaking of which, he's always hungry!  He's 16.2 lbs now...when we first brought him home, he was about 14lbs.  We're not letting him get past 17lbs...if anything, I think he's probably better off on the smaller side, for the sake of his back. 

I bought Wally an American Kennel Club bunny.  He LOVES it!  The only problem is they don't hold up very well to his abuse.  Grandma Carol bought a squirrel for Spot (Spot didn't want it since he's gotten his mouth on a few live squirrels in his day...the fake ones don't hold his attention.) Well,  Wally destroyed that one in about a day too.  I'm thinking they need to make their toys better if they're going to charge what they charge...also, Wally ended up eating the fur that came off the toy.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to toss it when he's sleeping, but it will break my heart to see him frantic looking for it.  Not like he doesn't have enough toys to play with!

I love this picture. There's nothing technical about it, but you can see Mimi's expression and Wally is just bowing down to her.  They're tolerating each other better...well, I should say Mimi is tolerating Wally a little bit better...  She used to run around the house by herself before we had Wally.  We'd call it her "crazy time", where she'd run with her tail all puffy, mumbling something in her cat voice and annoying meow for us to chase her.  Now she's got Wally who will happily chase her all over the house.  She even waits for him to notice her before she makes her move...she even gives him a head start and he still doesn't get her.  I'm happy they're getting along, and even though they won't be napping together any time soon, I know I can go to work comfortably and know they won't hurt each other.

 Wally continues to go on Nature walks and fishing trips with us.  He is so small though, we sometimes think twice about taking him to places like Chantry Flats and Eaton Canyon.  We've seen a few loose Pitbulls that have been let off leash simply because there's no one ever there... but then we come along and their owners suddenly grab them.  We always say, ".... if we had Wally, that dog would have charged for sure."  
The Arroyo is a good place for him... Lacey Park and the park near us... but when we "get a bad feeling" about something,  he stays home.  What can I say... we're a little sensitive to certain things... every time something bad has happened to Spot, I had " a feeling" that I ignored and that is why I don't "ignore" anymore.
Aside from all the mean dogs around here, I can see Wally being the total nature dog....floating in a canoe with Papa as he fishes or  hiking along side of him.  He's a cool little dog that way, such the little man and so eager to explore.  I always thought little dogs were a little wimpy and Wally is the little explorer and so brave.

I wish I had a secure fence but I don't.  Wally likes being outside on warm days... I don't blame him, it's so nice and warm on the porch in the morning.  I love when he's out there because it keeps him out of my hair.  I remember it was a big deal when he was able to stay out there on his own without whining.  I love those little signs of independence from him, like the first time he slept on his own. 

Mimi hates it when he's up there...  this is HER spot and she stares at him like she hates him.  I think he's cute, even when his butt slides off the chair and lands on my head.