Sunday, January 30, 2011

4/52 Pucker up Buttercup

Wally will  be visiting Dr. Oba (vet) tomorrow!  Finally!  I made the time to get him in.   I told him that she always gets down to Spots level and lets him kiss her, but he never does.   I think Spots only licked me leg...and that was because I dropped sauce on it.  Wally's different, he LOVES to lick your face.  When I'm sitting in my chair, he jumps up on my lap and POUNCES on my chest with his two front paws and practically holds me down, trying to lick my face.  He's a bit pushy...and no matter how hard I try to get away he always gets in there.  It cracks me up, and I laugh until my stomach hurts when he does that....because really, who's bigger here?  In the end, I end up feeling like I'm dealing with an over-romanticized Don Juan. 
I'm curious to see what Dr. Oba says tomorrow about Wally...about how old she think he is...if she thinks his ears will ever flop forward or if they'll stay looking like tacos.  Wish him luck, I'm sure it will be quick and painless.

I love having this blog for a couple of reasons... One, I can post photos here that I normally wouldn't post on Flickr.  This one is blurry, but I love the long drool of water.  Wally has a bit of a drinking problem.  I think his nose dips in the water and he breathes it in and starts choking.   I wonder if this is a Wally problem or a Dachshund problem?    Any feedback would be appreciated. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where I used to live...

This is Wally's old fence of where he used to live.  It's falling over now...but it wasn't that hard for him to get out.  It was just a matter of him wanting to and he finally did.  It's proven that he can break out of almost anything.  He's gotten out of two collars since we've had him and has run off on us 2 times, making us run after him full speed trying to catch him.  It's like trying to catch a baby pig...he moves quick!  I have to keep my screen door latched now, something I never used to have to do...but he will bolt out if he sees something he wants.  Plus, he's super protective, so even though Spot is cool outside unleashed with no fence holding him back, Wally is the one who will go after the mailman.

A neighbor from four houses down was walking by earlier this week.  I never noticed him walking his dogs before, even though I've always heard them bark when I pass by. He has a Dachshund and a Chihuahua, and when Wally saw the female version of him, he bolted and wanted to make a good impression.  When my neighbor  saw Wally run toward him with his goofy ears back, he smiled and said, "Heyyyy!  I know you!"  He looked at me with relief and asked, "Is that the dog from the corner??   I'm so glad he's with you!  I was sad because I didn't know what happened to him!"  He went on to tell me that he felt really bad for him too but that he already had his hands full with his dogs.  Another couple down the street, also dog owners recognized Wally and expressed their gratitude toward us for taking him in.  "He's such a sweet boy... but it's hard when you already have two.  I'm happy you were able to take him, he's a lucky boy and has a good home now."  That really made me feel good, because even though I know in my heart I did a  good thing, I can't help but think what the neighbors say. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3/52 Your life is so different now...

Two blankets, one side of the couch...pillows. He's got it made. Big difference from sleeping under a table huh buddy?? I read that Dachshunds are heavy sleepers. I didn't believe it because whenever he'd be sleeping, if you made the slightest movement, he'd jump up and follow you. Now.... he sleeps comfortably, and I feel...peacefully.
We also took Wally on a short, but steep hike at Chantry Flats on Monday.  Who would have thought that Dachshunds (at least mine does) liked to hike??  I will have you know that for Wally, his walks only amp him up...he's ready to play with his toys when he gets back, especially if it squeaks.
Doesn't it look like Scott is walking a rat on a leash??    He's so tiny...  I heard someone say that "people shouldn't bring little dogs like that here because they attract mountain lions."  .............. Yeah, Ok buddy.
 I think Wally would scare that mountain lion away with his loud bark, which has also come out this week.  His bark IS loud, supposedly so you can  hear them when they've captured a badger  and are deep in a hole, or in his case, when the mailman comes to deliver our mail.  I'm glad he doesn't bark often, especially when I'm taking sips from my scalding tea....that wouldn't be good.  He listens too, when you tell him to stop, he does.  What a good boy :)
Another thing we love about Wally is how good he is in the car!!  We were worried about that, because we do like to go on hikes and we love taking Spot to special places for his walks when we have the time, we didn't want taking both of them to be a hassle.  Driving in L.A. isn't the most relaxing thing in the world...going just a few miles around here will make your blood pressure go up, so a well behaved dog in the car is essential.  Wally, surprisingly enough, isn't really much of a lap dog.  Right now, as I write this, he's laying on the chair next to me, pressing the length of his body on my thigh, but other than that....he's not a "hold me mommy" type of dog.  In the car though, he's a total snuggle bug.  The car actually makes him sleepy, and we joked about putting him in the car and taking him for a ride just to get him to go to sleep the first week we got him.  Thank Dog we don't have to do that!  When one of us is driving the car on our own, Wally simply sits in the front chair, and curls up and holds on.  Thank you for not jumping back and forth from the front to the back, thanks for not trying to lick my face, and thanks for not trying to go down by my feet while I'm driving!

Oh, and I've tried giving my dogs certain fruits, like apples... Wally doesn't like apples, but we found out this week he loves bananas :)

Monday, January 17, 2011


Poor Wally is already off to a bad start with the 52 Weeks Project.  I lost my internet last night so he missed out on the second week.  :-/  Hope I don't get in trouble ...

Technically, not the best I know... He's proving to be a harder project than I thought.  He doesn't hold still for long, but I thought it was cute to show the difference in size.  Wally is 15lbs, the Goldendoodle is 122lbs.  :)
 He's been making lots of friends at the Arroyo, and humans give him lots of attention too.  Everyone loves Wally :)  

The biggest thing Wally has done this last week that has made me a proud Mama is that he's finally sleeping on his own!  It seems as though he's gaining a bit of independence and is more confident these days.  It's great to finally have my bed back... I take my sleep very seriously and even though he's not very big, I'm a light sleeper and he was a bit too antsy.  It could be that we're were hogging his space as much as he was hogging ours.  Look at him, he's got TWO of my favorite blankets now...maybe that's why he's sleeping there now, smells like us.  Now, if only Mimi would realize that her spot is now available again... she's one that takes up no room at all and seems to find the most comforting spots on my back to lay on. 

In the mornings, I walk out with caution.... don't want to find a little surprise with bare feet again.  He's not had an accident since... and that's because I'm so aware of his body language and signals now.  One thing I've learned the hard way is not getting him excited after he's been left alone for a few hours.  He's done this twice already, and it makes me wonder if it's a Dachshund thing, or a puppy thing....(he's most likely younger than we think.)  but when I get home, I talk to him in my high pitched voice and he gets SO excited, he rolls on his back and does a little pee-pee fountain!!  It shocked him as much as it shocked me... but I have to remember to not get him so excited as soon as I get home.   "Come on Wally, let's go outside and go pee-pee!"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Wally!....

Last night I made the horrible mistake of ignoring Wally's attempt at getting my butt out of bed to take him outside.  I stepped on a little surprise in the dark and I could have kicked myself for not "getting his message."  
Before we go to bed, I take him outside and he tinkles.  He did that...but he also had to go #2 and I guess I just didn't give him enough time.  We got ready for bed and we scooped him up.  He jumped off the bed and kept pacing around the room.  I heard him jump on the couch, then a few minutes later off of it.. then he'd want to jump in bed (or so I thought) so I scooped him up, put him in bed, and once again he jumped off.  The second time he came over trying to jump in bed, I ignored him.  I figured he'd get tired of trying to jump in bed with us that he'd go to his bed and spend the night there.  He did...but after he did a #2 by the door.  
The whole time he was trying to tell me that he needed to go out. I know what that all means, right? :)
No matter how tired you are, always take them last time. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hi Dog Lovers!  Meet Wally, he's the newest addition to our family.  We weren't looking to get another dog, so I didn't buy him or adopt him from a shelter, but I felt like I needed to rescue him from a horrible situation of neglect and loneliness.  We don't know much about him, except how sweet and smart he is.  We didn't even know his name and was happy he responded well to "Wally" so it stuck :)  Potty training him was a challenge, especially since we did it during one of the worst rain storms California had seen in a long time...but he did it, and we couldn't have been happier. 
We do think he's young through...his ears are kind of goofy looking and we read that they may fall the way they're supposed to when he gets older.  He's also not neutered, which will get done soon.  (covers goofy ears so he can't hear that part) 
He's totally lovable, loyal and aims to please and everyone who meets him just adores him.  He's  definitely a keeper. 

I think this project is going to be a challenge since he's only a few inches off the ground!  Wish me luck, haha

Also, we left him alone today for the first time.  I had a Kohl's gift certificate and Scott wanted to go to Target for a backpack.  I could kill hours at both those places, but we had no idea how Wally was going to react to being left alone for that long.  Two previous times we left him for...maybe an hour?   We also left a recorder going, to see if he'd whine or cry...happily, he didn't.  We did hear a few squeaks from his toys, so we know he plays by himself.  That's good :)  *two thumbs up*

Like we said, we think Wally is young.  But we're not sure until he sees Dr. Oba. Since we've had him, he's been sleeping in bed with us.  He's like a little heater...which is good, and bad... I hate waking up in the middle of the night with a sweaty spot on my thigh because he's pressed up against me.  He also steals my covers somehow, so either the sweat or the cold wakes me up.  Scott sleeps comfortably though it all... I can't figure that one out.
"...Nah I don't care that he sleeps with you, I mean us."
Last night, it seemed as though he finally felt comfortable about sleeping independently...burrowed deep under his favorite blanket.  *big sigh*  Finally!  (sprawls out and falls asleep) only to be woken up a few hours later by him trying his hardest to jump on our bed.  He even backs up as far as he could go and runs as fast as he can...only to be slammed by my huge bed.  I want to train him now to start using either stairs or a ramp.  It kills me when he jumps off my bed.  He runs and literally FLIES off the bed.  (that's why I think he's young...really young.)  Anyway, I want to protect his back now...  These guys live 18 years?  Yikes...

Stuff people don't think about when they see cute small dogs

Wally is only 15 lbs, his legs a couple of inches.  Basically...we have a fur baby....only this one isn't going to grow and walk....he's going to stay in this baby-like dog body for as long as he lives.  Some of the things we worry about: stepping on him.  Although, we've gotten a lot better about his presence and are now in the habit of watching before we step.

You have to worry about bigger dogs when you have a small dog like this.  Spot is around 55lbs and got attacked twice by two different  Pitbulls in my neighborhood.  I get paranoid walking him around here, and a lot of car rides are involved to take him to safer, dog friendly places.

You have to worry about not dropping them.  They're not like cats, where you can let them drop from hip have to bend all the way down to the ground and gently put them down.

Because small dogs live longer, you have to take extra care of their teeth.  I'm sure canine dentistry is quite  What about their eyes?  Don't they need glasses? :)  (just kidding) 

Dachshunds have trouble with their backs so extra care has to be taken that they don't jump off the couch or bed.  I heard stairs are bad for them too, so ramps are better.  Oy...  I also have to make sure I don't get him too fat, otherwise he'll have back troubles too.  He's 15 lbs and we make sure he stays there...he's trim and muscular.

On hikes, Scott has to carry him across creeks, rivers...over huge rocks.  Spot just trots or climbs his way through.  Other than that, he LOVES to walk and doesn't lag behind or beg to be picked up.  My moms Malitpoo can't make it around the block without wanting to be carried.  What a baby...

Other than that... having a little dog is a real joy.  :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another great day.

It was another gorgeous day.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any clients booked today...fortunately, I don't feel guilty about taking a day off and coming to places like this.  It was so gorgeous here yesterday that we couldn't pass up another opportunity to come and discover some more of the West Fork.  
We walked a little farther, and the boys as usual loved it.

Wally is proving to be a challenge for me, photographically speaking....because he's so low to the ground.  It seems like this is the only angle I could get him in today.  He's been attached to Papa's side, and he's also Scotts good luck charm when it comes to fishing.  

You can see how happy Scott is... he hooked a few that size today and it was a good way for him to end his Christmas break.  I caught two myself, one 13 inches...much larger than the average size rainbow trout in the West Fork.

Spot and Wally in their sweaters.  It got chilly in the mountains once the sun hides behind the canyon.  They had fun....they're tired, sore (well Spot is...Wally actually played with toys when he got back.) and asleep.  
Wally had a great week.  He's been to the Arroyo, Eaton Canyon, Chantry Flats, JPL Trail, and the West Fork since we've had him.  He must think he's in doggy heaven...and he is. 
It will be interesting to see how he does once Scott starts school and of course, I have to work.  Wish us luck on that.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wally gets another dose of nature

We all got to go to the West Fork of the San Gabriel River today.  It was beeeautiful today and it felt like we were on vacation.  As usual, Wally loved exploring and the long walk tuckered him out.
He's the perfect fishing buddy...and if anything, I think he's Scott's good luck charm because he's had a lot of success fishing lately. 
Patiently waiting for their treats
I always find heart rocks...and it's been a while since I've found one.  Lately, it seems that I'm always watching Wally walk (because he's so dang cute) and he just walks over them, practically showing me the way to them.
It's only appropriate that I found a big one, and a small one :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Like a lil baby

Every time we see him like this, every time he curls up next to us for warmth and makes little baby noises, we ask ourselves how anyone could leave him out in the rain and cold.

 He loves being held like a baby and he presses his head up against your chest.  He steals kisses whenever he can  and now that he's potty trained, can actually hold his bladder longer than I can! I feel bad making him go outside on a cold morning to go tinkle, and as soon as he goes, he can't wait to get back inside and under his blanket.

Someone's obviously very in love with Wally :) 
I worked all day, but Wally got to go fishing with Scott and made a pretty good fishing buddy.  He was tethered to Scott the whole time and patiently sat there while Scott fished.  He also said Wally caught himself a fish!  Well, actually....Scott caught a fish and he had the fish hooked, but in the water, taking a picture of it and that's when Wally reached in and grabbed it.  :)  How cute is that?  I told him he should have taken a picture of that, but he dropped his camera to go help the fish and safely release it back.

I set up a little donation fund for Wally.  He came at a time that financially isn't really the greatest for us.  If I would have come home from the pet store and said to Scott, "Hey, look what I got us!  I got us a puppy!"  He'd make me take it right back.  First he'd ask me if I was crazy and if I forgot we already have a dog,  and THEN he'd make me take him back.  But because Wally was in such a neglected situation, we talked extensively about what to do and decided to save him ourselves.  I've spent a small fortune already and appreciate what little you can give since he still needs so much, like (covers Wally's ears) neutering and shots.     

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

take a hike...

Don't let those little legs fool you, they move fast and can cover a lot of distance.  I thought little dogs were content laying on your couch all day, but in order for us to get Wally chill enough to even take a nap, we have to go on a long walk.  A.Very....long.walk.

You'd think Spot would be way up front, but it's Wally who usually leads the way. I love that Spot waits for me to catch up.  I have a million photos of him like this. He also takes good care of Wally out here and usually gets between him and bigger dogs.  How sweet is that?

There's lots of water at Eaton Canyon right now.  Spot will only go in the water if we're crossing, but Wally wanted to go swimming!  He LOVES water, and even though I didn't take photos of him in the bath yesterday, he didn't mind it at all.  That's going to make bath time easy :)
I hope you had fun today Wally, we sure did.

Mission Impossible? Hardly...

  Potty training Dachshunds isn't easy.  Part of the reason why is because their legs are so short...they don't need to do much to mask the fact that they're peeing in your house.  I guess that's why when I brought him home, I thought he was potty trained because I didn't see him doing the "obvious signs".  A bigger dog you see  blatantly sniffing around and then he lifts his leg over your new Pottery Barn couch.  This little guy, he didn't do that...and because I didn't know him very well, his ways of telling me he needed to potty were so subtle (because that's another reason why Dachshunds are hard to train, their subtly), that before I realized he needed to go, it was too late.  The first few days with Wally were a real challenge.  Not only because we had to potty train a dog we weren't familiar with...we didn't even know his name.   California was also seeing the worst rain storms in years, undesirable conditions for potty training a dog.  Over 5 inches of rain in one of those days of pouring rain.  We did it though! We dragged him out there every hour on the hour and praised like hell when he'd go where he was supposed to. He's had one accident since we "potty trained" him.  That's another thing.... I heard they're never fully house broken. I hope ...that because he gets 2-3 long walks everyday, that will give him plenty of opportunity to do what he needs to do. I'm also hoping that because I caught him in the act, and was able to stop him from letting go of his bladder completely, that he realizes he isn't supposed to go in my house. I'm glad I caught him in the act...and all I had to do was yell "No!" and then took him outside. You know, it takes work and a close eye.... but it's so worth it when they finally get it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wally, he started out not being my dog...but I fell in love with him the first time I saw him.  I met him back in October, when I would walk by the house on my corner and I'd pet him or give him doggy treats.  His owner put the house up for rent and I thought for sure he'd be gone with the move...but then I saw that he was left out, day and night.  When the rains came, we thought for sure he'd be put inside, but in the pouring rain on a cold night, we saw him rolled up into a little ball underneath a table. His food bowl was filled with water, and his dry dog food was puffy and floating in the overflowing bowl.  For months now, I'd noticed how the yard was not kept, feces everywhere and his only entertainment was a torn up yellow pages.  He had a dog house, but wasn't using thought (since I couldn't get in the yard to find out for myself) was that since it was covered with a tarp, a leak happened and it was possibly flooded. 

No one was ever home, and the curtains were always drawn. I never saw anyone out in the yard cleaning up after him.  I never saw anyone walking him or out there keeping him company or playing.  California was seeing some of the worst rain storms and no one cared if this little dog was left out??  Less than a month ago I found a neighborhood dog that had been neglected and let out of it's yard over and over again... he got hit by a car and I found him and had to watch him die.  I wasn't about to stand by and let this little guy die too.  I took him home, wrote the lady a note telling her I had him and to give me a call she got home.  I never heard from her, and the note I put in a ziplock bag and taped with packaging tape on her back door was gone so I knew she got it. 

The next day, I walked by there and saw her Dad working in the yard.  He had just rid himself of the doghouse because he thought the pound took Wally.  I reluctantly gave him back, especially after seeing the house totally and completely vacant, but he promised me he'd take Wally to his daughter or put him inside.  The next morning, Wally busted out of the yard through a broken slat in the fence and was on his way toward a busy street.  I whistled and called to him, and he came running to me...laying on his back at my feet.  I brought him home and didn't make the effort to give him back.  I gave him back twice....once because I thought someone still lived there and again on an empty promise.  Never again...he's here to stay.