Tuesday, January 4, 2011

take a hike...

Don't let those little legs fool you, they move fast and can cover a lot of distance.  I thought little dogs were content laying on your couch all day, but in order for us to get Wally chill enough to even take a nap, we have to go on a long walk.  A.Very....long.walk.

You'd think Spot would be way up front, but it's Wally who usually leads the way. I love that Spot waits for me to catch up.  I have a million photos of him like this. He also takes good care of Wally out here and usually gets between him and bigger dogs.  How sweet is that?

There's lots of water at Eaton Canyon right now.  Spot will only go in the water if we're crossing, but Wally wanted to go swimming!  He LOVES water, and even though I didn't take photos of him in the bath yesterday, he didn't mind it at all.  That's going to make bath time easy :)
I hope you had fun today Wally, we sure did.

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