Sunday, January 30, 2011

4/52 Pucker up Buttercup

Wally will  be visiting Dr. Oba (vet) tomorrow!  Finally!  I made the time to get him in.   I told him that she always gets down to Spots level and lets him kiss her, but he never does.   I think Spots only licked me leg...and that was because I dropped sauce on it.  Wally's different, he LOVES to lick your face.  When I'm sitting in my chair, he jumps up on my lap and POUNCES on my chest with his two front paws and practically holds me down, trying to lick my face.  He's a bit pushy...and no matter how hard I try to get away he always gets in there.  It cracks me up, and I laugh until my stomach hurts when he does that....because really, who's bigger here?  In the end, I end up feeling like I'm dealing with an over-romanticized Don Juan. 
I'm curious to see what Dr. Oba says tomorrow about Wally...about how old she think he is...if she thinks his ears will ever flop forward or if they'll stay looking like tacos.  Wish him luck, I'm sure it will be quick and painless.

I love having this blog for a couple of reasons... One, I can post photos here that I normally wouldn't post on Flickr.  This one is blurry, but I love the long drool of water.  Wally has a bit of a drinking problem.  I think his nose dips in the water and he breathes it in and starts choking.   I wonder if this is a Wally problem or a Dachshund problem?    Any feedback would be appreciated. 

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