Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Like a lil baby

Every time we see him like this, every time he curls up next to us for warmth and makes little baby noises, we ask ourselves how anyone could leave him out in the rain and cold.

 He loves being held like a baby and he presses his head up against your chest.  He steals kisses whenever he can  and now that he's potty trained, can actually hold his bladder longer than I can! I feel bad making him go outside on a cold morning to go tinkle, and as soon as he goes, he can't wait to get back inside and under his blanket.

Someone's obviously very in love with Wally :) 
I worked all day, but Wally got to go fishing with Scott and made a pretty good fishing buddy.  He was tethered to Scott the whole time and patiently sat there while Scott fished.  He also said Wally caught himself a fish!  Well, actually....Scott caught a fish and he had the fish hooked, but in the water, taking a picture of it and that's when Wally reached in and grabbed it.  :)  How cute is that?  I told him he should have taken a picture of that, but he dropped his camera to go help the fish and safely release it back.

I set up a little donation fund for Wally.  He came at a time that financially isn't really the greatest for us.  If I would have come home from the pet store and said to Scott, "Hey, look what I got us!  I got us a puppy!"  He'd make me take it right back.  First he'd ask me if I was crazy and if I forgot we already have a dog,  and THEN he'd make me take him back.  But because Wally was in such a neglected situation, we talked extensively about what to do and decided to save him ourselves.  I've spent a small fortune already and appreciate what little you can give since he still needs so much, like (covers Wally's ears) neutering and shots.     

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