Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where I used to live...

This is Wally's old fence of where he used to live.  It's falling over now...but it wasn't that hard for him to get out.  It was just a matter of him wanting to and he finally did.  It's proven that he can break out of almost anything.  He's gotten out of two collars since we've had him and has run off on us 2 times, making us run after him full speed trying to catch him.  It's like trying to catch a baby pig...he moves quick!  I have to keep my screen door latched now, something I never used to have to do...but he will bolt out if he sees something he wants.  Plus, he's super protective, so even though Spot is cool outside unleashed with no fence holding him back, Wally is the one who will go after the mailman.

A neighbor from four houses down was walking by earlier this week.  I never noticed him walking his dogs before, even though I've always heard them bark when I pass by. He has a Dachshund and a Chihuahua, and when Wally saw the female version of him, he bolted and wanted to make a good impression.  When my neighbor  saw Wally run toward him with his goofy ears back, he smiled and said, "Heyyyy!  I know you!"  He looked at me with relief and asked, "Is that the dog from the corner??   I'm so glad he's with you!  I was sad because I didn't know what happened to him!"  He went on to tell me that he felt really bad for him too but that he already had his hands full with his dogs.  Another couple down the street, also dog owners recognized Wally and expressed their gratitude toward us for taking him in.  "He's such a sweet boy... but it's hard when you already have two.  I'm happy you were able to take him, he's a lucky boy and has a good home now."  That really made me feel good, because even though I know in my heart I did a  good thing, I can't help but think what the neighbors say. 

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