Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hi Dog Lovers!  Meet Wally, he's the newest addition to our family.  We weren't looking to get another dog, so I didn't buy him or adopt him from a shelter, but I felt like I needed to rescue him from a horrible situation of neglect and loneliness.  We don't know much about him, except how sweet and smart he is.  We didn't even know his name and was happy he responded well to "Wally" so it stuck :)  Potty training him was a challenge, especially since we did it during one of the worst rain storms California had seen in a long time...but he did it, and we couldn't have been happier. 
We do think he's young through...his ears are kind of goofy looking and we read that they may fall the way they're supposed to when he gets older.  He's also not neutered, which will get done soon.  (covers goofy ears so he can't hear that part) 
He's totally lovable, loyal and aims to please and everyone who meets him just adores him.  He's  definitely a keeper. 

I think this project is going to be a challenge since he's only a few inches off the ground!  Wish me luck, haha

Also, we left him alone today for the first time.  I had a Kohl's gift certificate and Scott wanted to go to Target for a backpack.  I could kill hours at both those places, but we had no idea how Wally was going to react to being left alone for that long.  Two previous times we left him for...maybe an hour?   We also left a recorder going, to see if he'd whine or cry...happily, he didn't.  We did hear a few squeaks from his toys, so we know he plays by himself.  That's good :)  *two thumbs up*

Like we said, we think Wally is young.  But we're not sure until he sees Dr. Oba. Since we've had him, he's been sleeping in bed with us.  He's like a little heater...which is good, and bad... I hate waking up in the middle of the night with a sweaty spot on my thigh because he's pressed up against me.  He also steals my covers somehow, so either the sweat or the cold wakes me up.  Scott sleeps comfortably though it all... I can't figure that one out.
"...Nah I don't care that he sleeps with you, I mean us."
Last night, it seemed as though he finally felt comfortable about sleeping independently...burrowed deep under his favorite blanket.  *big sigh*  Finally!  (sprawls out and falls asleep) only to be woken up a few hours later by him trying his hardest to jump on our bed.  He even backs up as far as he could go and runs as fast as he can...only to be slammed by my huge bed.  I want to train him now to start using either stairs or a ramp.  It kills me when he jumps off my bed.  He runs and literally FLIES off the bed.  (that's why I think he's young...really young.)  Anyway, I want to protect his back now...  These guys live 18 years?  Yikes...

Stuff people don't think about when they see cute small dogs

Wally is only 15 lbs, his legs a couple of inches.  Basically...we have a fur baby....only this one isn't going to grow and walk....he's going to stay in this baby-like dog body for as long as he lives.  Some of the things we worry about: stepping on him.  Although, we've gotten a lot better about his presence and are now in the habit of watching before we step.

You have to worry about bigger dogs when you have a small dog like this.  Spot is around 55lbs and got attacked twice by two different  Pitbulls in my neighborhood.  I get paranoid walking him around here, and a lot of car rides are involved to take him to safer, dog friendly places.

You have to worry about not dropping them.  They're not like cats, where you can let them drop from hip have to bend all the way down to the ground and gently put them down.

Because small dogs live longer, you have to take extra care of their teeth.  I'm sure canine dentistry is quite  What about their eyes?  Don't they need glasses? :)  (just kidding) 

Dachshunds have trouble with their backs so extra care has to be taken that they don't jump off the couch or bed.  I heard stairs are bad for them too, so ramps are better.  Oy...  I also have to make sure I don't get him too fat, otherwise he'll have back troubles too.  He's 15 lbs and we make sure he stays there...he's trim and muscular.

On hikes, Scott has to carry him across creeks, rivers...over huge rocks.  Spot just trots or climbs his way through.  Other than that, he LOVES to walk and doesn't lag behind or beg to be picked up.  My moms Malitpoo can't make it around the block without wanting to be carried.  What a baby...

Other than that... having a little dog is a real joy.  :)


  1. I can't believe anyone could give up a dog like this.

    Makes me sad.

    But now I'm happy! Because Wally found his way home...

  2. I'm so happy we have him too Shelley, he's such a joy.

  3. I'm thinking running and flying off the bed like that can't be good for his back, either. Sheesh. That's the problem with young folks...they think they're immortal.

  4. yeah Mark it's not good for them. We have to get him some kind of staircase for him to use, but I know someone built a carpeted ramp for their Dachshund. I don't know if I have the room for a ramp in my room :(