Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3/52 Your life is so different now...

Two blankets, one side of the couch...pillows. He's got it made. Big difference from sleeping under a table huh buddy?? I read that Dachshunds are heavy sleepers. I didn't believe it because whenever he'd be sleeping, if you made the slightest movement, he'd jump up and follow you. Now.... he sleeps comfortably, and I feel...peacefully.
We also took Wally on a short, but steep hike at Chantry Flats on Monday.  Who would have thought that Dachshunds (at least mine does) liked to hike??  I will have you know that for Wally, his walks only amp him up...he's ready to play with his toys when he gets back, especially if it squeaks.
Doesn't it look like Scott is walking a rat on a leash??    He's so tiny...  I heard someone say that "people shouldn't bring little dogs like that here because they attract mountain lions."  .............. Yeah, Ok buddy.
 I think Wally would scare that mountain lion away with his loud bark, which has also come out this week.  His bark IS loud, supposedly so you can  hear them when they've captured a badger  and are deep in a hole, or in his case, when the mailman comes to deliver our mail.  I'm glad he doesn't bark often, especially when I'm taking sips from my scalding tea....that wouldn't be good.  He listens too, when you tell him to stop, he does.  What a good boy :)
Another thing we love about Wally is how good he is in the car!!  We were worried about that, because we do like to go on hikes and we love taking Spot to special places for his walks when we have the time, we didn't want taking both of them to be a hassle.  Driving in L.A. isn't the most relaxing thing in the world...going just a few miles around here will make your blood pressure go up, so a well behaved dog in the car is essential.  Wally, surprisingly enough, isn't really much of a lap dog.  Right now, as I write this, he's laying on the chair next to me, pressing the length of his body on my thigh, but other than that....he's not a "hold me mommy" type of dog.  In the car though, he's a total snuggle bug.  The car actually makes him sleepy, and we joked about putting him in the car and taking him for a ride just to get him to go to sleep the first week we got him.  Thank Dog we don't have to do that!  When one of us is driving the car on our own, Wally simply sits in the front chair, and curls up and holds on.  Thank you for not jumping back and forth from the front to the back, thanks for not trying to lick my face, and thanks for not trying to go down by my feet while I'm driving!

Oh, and I've tried giving my dogs certain fruits, like apples... Wally doesn't like apples, but we found out this week he loves bananas :)


  1. I would pity the mountain lion who tried to take on Wally.

  2. Ha! That's the type of thing you do with babies. Maybe you should also try putting Wally on the washing machine if he's really hyper.