Monday, January 17, 2011


Poor Wally is already off to a bad start with the 52 Weeks Project.  I lost my internet last night so he missed out on the second week.  :-/  Hope I don't get in trouble ...

Technically, not the best I know... He's proving to be a harder project than I thought.  He doesn't hold still for long, but I thought it was cute to show the difference in size.  Wally is 15lbs, the Goldendoodle is 122lbs.  :)
 He's been making lots of friends at the Arroyo, and humans give him lots of attention too.  Everyone loves Wally :)  

The biggest thing Wally has done this last week that has made me a proud Mama is that he's finally sleeping on his own!  It seems as though he's gaining a bit of independence and is more confident these days.  It's great to finally have my bed back... I take my sleep very seriously and even though he's not very big, I'm a light sleeper and he was a bit too antsy.  It could be that we're were hogging his space as much as he was hogging ours.  Look at him, he's got TWO of my favorite blankets now...maybe that's why he's sleeping there now, smells like us.  Now, if only Mimi would realize that her spot is now available again... she's one that takes up no room at all and seems to find the most comforting spots on my back to lay on. 

In the mornings, I walk out with caution.... don't want to find a little surprise with bare feet again.  He's not had an accident since... and that's because I'm so aware of his body language and signals now.  One thing I've learned the hard way is not getting him excited after he's been left alone for a few hours.  He's done this twice already, and it makes me wonder if it's a Dachshund thing, or a puppy thing....(he's most likely younger than we think.)  but when I get home, I talk to him in my high pitched voice and he gets SO excited, he rolls on his back and does a little pee-pee fountain!!  It shocked him as much as it shocked me... but I have to remember to not get him so excited as soon as I get home.   "Come on Wally, let's go outside and go pee-pee!"

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