Friday, January 7, 2011

Another great day.

It was another gorgeous day.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any clients booked today...fortunately, I don't feel guilty about taking a day off and coming to places like this.  It was so gorgeous here yesterday that we couldn't pass up another opportunity to come and discover some more of the West Fork.  
We walked a little farther, and the boys as usual loved it.

Wally is proving to be a challenge for me, photographically speaking....because he's so low to the ground.  It seems like this is the only angle I could get him in today.  He's been attached to Papa's side, and he's also Scotts good luck charm when it comes to fishing.  

You can see how happy Scott is... he hooked a few that size today and it was a good way for him to end his Christmas break.  I caught two myself, one 13 inches...much larger than the average size rainbow trout in the West Fork.

Spot and Wally in their sweaters.  It got chilly in the mountains once the sun hides behind the canyon.  They had fun....they're tired, sore (well Spot is...Wally actually played with toys when he got back.) and asleep.  
Wally had a great week.  He's been to the Arroyo, Eaton Canyon, Chantry Flats, JPL Trail, and the West Fork since we've had him.  He must think he's in doggy heaven...and he is. 
It will be interesting to see how he does once Scott starts school and of course, I have to work.  Wish us luck on that.

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