Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Wally!....

Last night I made the horrible mistake of ignoring Wally's attempt at getting my butt out of bed to take him outside.  I stepped on a little surprise in the dark and I could have kicked myself for not "getting his message."  
Before we go to bed, I take him outside and he tinkles.  He did that...but he also had to go #2 and I guess I just didn't give him enough time.  We got ready for bed and we scooped him up.  He jumped off the bed and kept pacing around the room.  I heard him jump on the couch, then a few minutes later off of it.. then he'd want to jump in bed (or so I thought) so I scooped him up, put him in bed, and once again he jumped off.  The second time he came over trying to jump in bed, I ignored him.  I figured he'd get tired of trying to jump in bed with us that he'd go to his bed and spend the night there.  He did...but after he did a #2 by the door.  
The whole time he was trying to tell me that he needed to go out. I know what that all means, right? :)
No matter how tired you are, always take them last time. 


  1. That's the present that keeps on giving, even the following morning.

  2. Wally is very cute. And dogs have personality. And personality goes a long way. Great photos here. All the best.